Our Works

Good Governance

Communities in the CHT have had limited access to government services, and little participation in the organizations making decisions that affect their lives. We believe that sustainable development cannot be achieved without communities’ participation in decision-making processes, and work to build links between communities and local government, and promote good governance and skilled leadership at community levels.

Health, Water and Sanitation

We provide new technologies and community health facilities, working to prevent common diseases, and eradicate the health problems brought by unclean drinking water and poor sanitation.

Natural Resource Management and Environment

We work together with communities, encouraging sustainable natural resource management practices, promoting traditional village common forest or mouza forest systems, helping them to protect their land and environment, and improve their futures.


The majority of people in the CHT lives in poverty, and find it difficult to earn enough income to support themselves and their families. We support communities to develop and diversify their livelihoods activities, so they can increase and secure their incomes, and improve their quality of life.